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GlobeSt – How One Condo Developer Is Getting Deals Done Digitally

Optima Kierland isn’t sitting on the sidelines during the pandemic. The condo developer instead has turned to an all-virtual platform to continue showing and selling units at its 7180 Optima Kierland project in Scottsdale, Arizona. The process is working. The team sold two units last week to out-of-state buyers.

“Although there is a decline in onsite visitors, we are working with prospects through our virtual sales process and have seen a higher conversion rate, meaning the prospects who we are working with online are more likely to progress to a sale,” Crel Vogel, sales Manager at 7180 Optima Kierland, tells “In the past two weeks, we’ve had three sales all directly from the virtual communication tools. Even with the concerns of Covid-19, we are still seeing buyers purchase as they continue to identify Optima Kierland as an incredible opportunity.”

The company has already implemented virtual sales tools, making the transition to all online simple. “Optima Kierland has been an industry leader with the virtual sales process,” says Vogel. “The Sales Team began offering virtual tours to prospects over three years ago when selling the first building, 7120 Optima Kierland. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now elevating the current online experience to make it more comprehensive and interactive for buyers.”

While the experience is virtual, Optima Kierland has tried to make it interactive and engaging, giving sales agents more control when working with potential buyers. It is utilizing screen-sharing programs through Zoom and UberConference and an interactive application created for the project. The team also uses virtual tours, virtual brochure and branded films. “We are using several tools to create a personal and interactive sales experience,” says Vogel. “We have elevated our comprehensive interactive platform, usually only available on oversized display screens in our Sales Gallery, by modifying the application so the sales team can demonstrate it from their computers and screen share it with remote buyers. The interactive features a 3D model of the building, a wide range of spacious floor plans, interactive breathtaking views from residences, stunning renderings of the amenities and interiors, and the luxury finishes offered at the community.”

For potential buyers that don’t want to share their screen for privacy reasons, Optima has an immersive website to give users a similar experience. “The sales team is able to utilize the immersive website to walk prospects through the Optima Kierland community and lifestyle, if someone calls in by phone and prefers not to screen share,” says Vogel.

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