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Security in condo communities safeguards your property, enhances your well-being and gives you peace of mind.


In most high-rise and mid-rise condo communities, you’ll find surveillance cameras at all entry points and at the entrance to and inside the garage, said David Newcombe of Scottsdale-based Launch Real Estate.

At Optima Kierland, a luxury condo community in Scottsdale, “there are cameras located in all of the common areas,” said Crel Vogel, regional sales manager for the community. “The building manager has access to viewing and monitoring the video-feeds.”

Keypads, key-fobs

At the entrance to a community, you’ll often find a gate that’s activated by a code residents input on a keypad.

Newcombe said that buyers of many new condos are given a key-fob for use at the entrance to the building where their unit is located, at the entrance to all community facilities (such as the clubhouse and gym) and to gain access to any elevators. Indeed, at Optima Kierland, the parking garage and other entry doors can all be accessed with key-fobs that only residents have, Vogel said.

The bottom line

If you’re purchasing a new condo, be sure to ask the builder, developer and/or sales team about the security features that come with your purchase.

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